Albert Park

In previous blogs I’ve posted motor racing photos from my grandfather, father and even a few of my own. I never expected that I might receive anything relevant to our beloved sport from my great, great, grandfather. William Peile was quite a guy: a well-respected engineer, he travelled the world in the late 19th century, taking photos, collecting memorabilia and keeping a comprehensive diary. There cannot be too many British Victorian gentlemen who found themselves in the Antipodes…

I was sent this fascinating photo earlier in the week. It wasn’t taken by William, but he picked it up while in Melbourne and captioned it appropriately. It would seem that he clapped eyes on the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit 105 years before Formula One found its new home, having moved from the fearsome Adelaide street circuit. Albert Park hosted Grand Prix in the 1950s, but never for the World Championship. I wonder what William would have made of today’s F1 circus, having surveyed the park all those years ago…?

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