Goodwood Revival 2017

Revival 2017.081

Kinrara Trophy

Revival 2017.001

James Cottingham sliding his way to eighth on the grid in the E-Type.

Revival 2017.006

Tom Kristensen had a grassy moment in qualifying but he was way ahead of the car and had mentally worked out his exit strategy long before he left the circuit.

Revival 2017.005

Nigel Greensall was on spectacular form on his way to a front-row grid position.

Revival 2017.004

Richard Woolmer adopted his customary sideways stance in the family Healey 3000.

Revival 2017.003

Stippler / Franklin pairing was among the strongest out there, even if the 250 SWBs were to be out-gunned by the Jaguar hoards.

Revival 2017.002Revival 2017.045

Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw emerged victorious after safety cars, rain and reliability aided their passage. Awesome drives by both competitors were the bedrock of the result though.

Revival B2 2017.001

The early running was all about Huff and Greensall, with the latter heaving the two inside wheels over the grass as he apexed Fordwater. Insane commitment but Huff was exemplary in defense.

Revival B2 2017.002

Vincent Gaye at the wheel of his trusty 250 GT SWB/C as the light fades.

Revival 2017.048 Revival 2017.049 Revival 2017.050

Darkness caused an early chequered flag but also gave spectators memorable scenes as weak headlights punctured the gloom and a damp track meant oversteer pretty much everywhere, especially for Woolmer.

Chichester Cup

Revival 2017.007

John Delane’s immaculately presented Lotus 18 in Rod Walker colours – just like Stirl’ 1960 and ’61.

Revival 2017.008

Andrew Robertson’s distinctive bubble visor revealed a picture of concentration in tricky conditions.

Revival 2017.052

Typical Formula Junior action in the battle for third position.

Revival 2017.053

Stuart Roach on his way to an embattled win in perhaps the weekend’s finest race.

Revival 2017.054

Pierre Guichard had a trip across the grass in his Faccioli.

Revival 2017.055

Andrew Wilkinson had to retire the impossibly svelte Lynx just three laps before the end when a podium appeared to be in the offing.

Revival 2017.056

Roach fighting furiously to secure that precious win.

Madgwick Cup

Revival 2017.010

Miles Griffiths on his way to a tight second in qualifying.

Revival 2017.009

Buckler the meat in an Elva sandwich.

Revival 2017.058

Griffiths was the weekend’s most dominant winner aboard Philip Walker’s Lotus Eleven.

Revival 2017.059

Chapman’s elegant Eleven proliferated.

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy

Revival 2017.057

Guy Martin during one of his three familiarisation laps on Saturday morning.

Revival 2017.064

Jeremy McWilliams and Duncan Fitchett celebrate yet another Revival podium.

Revival 2017.084

Williams Dunlop finally got to race after the ‘bike let go just as he jumped aboard for his stint in the opening leg.

St Mary’s Trophy Part One

Revival 2017.011

Patrick Watts set tongues wagging and shutters snapping with his outrageous Studebaker.

Revival 2017.012

Robb Huff was on the lockstops the entire way through Lavant in qualifying.

Revival 2017.065

Come the race, Huff would wage war with the similar car of Michael Caine – a hugely memorable Revival moment.

Revival 2017.066

Tom Kristensen gave Bill Shepherd’s giant Ford Thunderbird its Goodwood debut. A loose exhaust put it out of the race but not before TK had managed to rise into podium contention from the back of the grid during one of his signature charges.

Goodwood Trophy

Revival 2017.013

Duncan Ricketts manhandles ERA GP1 during a very slippery qualifying session.

Revival 2017.019

Paddins Dowling brought a smile to the face of pre-war enthusiasts when he put ERA R5B, Remus, on pole with a terrific lap.

Revival 2017.018

Tom Dark deposited his Bugatti Type 73C in the Lavant gravel during qualifying but recovered to a strong fifth in the race.

Revival 2017.017 Revival 2017.016

Julian Majzub was at his effervescent best, hurling the big Alfa Romeo 308 around with abandon.

Revival 2017.015

Josef Otto Rettenmaier debuted his Maserati 8CL at the 75th Members’ Meeting in March and was back with the former Indy 500 competitor for the Revival. He took a very respectable sixth.

Revival 2017.014Revival 2017.068

Mark Gillies and ERA R3A failed to notch up a sixth Goodwood Trophy win after a benign racing incident with Paddins Dowling in Remus put them both out.

Revival 2017.067

The pack streams through Fordwater on the warm-up lap.

Revival 2017.082

Gareth Burnett’s understeering Alta – which briefly led before the rain intensified and the ERAs came to the fore.

Whitsun Trophy

Revival 2017.020

Andrew Beaumont’s McLaren M1B remains among the best-presented cars of the weekend.

Revival 2017.024

Mike Jordan put Philip Walker’s GT40 P-1041 on the pole before being sent to the back of the grid, leading to an epic fight back through the field.

Revival 2017.023

Chris Ward took a hard-fought win on a day when patience and delicacy were imperative.

Revival 2017.022

Surtees Lola T70 chums.

Revival 2017.021

Nick Padmore was giving away 80bhp in his GT40 and couldn’t live with Ward in a straight line. A spin at Woodcote ended his victory hopes.

Revival 2017.070

Lap one and Padmore lines up Whitaker for the lead while Ward takes a watching brief.

Revival 2017.072Revival 2017.071

Plenty of sideways GT40 action.

Freddie March Memorial Trophy

Revival 2017.025

Jochen Mass – smooth as silk in the 300SL ‘Gullwing’.

Revival 2017.030

Synchronised skidding by Richard Woolmer’s HWM-Cadillac and Steve Boultbee-Brooks’ Aston Martin DB3S.

Revival 2017.029

Eddie McGuire’s Gordini lost a wheel and driveshaft but was back out in the race.

Revival 2017.028 Revival 2017.027

Ferraris didn’t trouble the fastest guys out there but made the nicest noises and looked glorious.

Revival 2017.026

More Woolmer skidding.

Revival 2017.073

Rob Halls takes to the grass in a bid for the lead. Chris Ward just visible back-of-shot.

Revival 2017.074

As above!

Revival 2017.075

Synchronised skidding – this time from a brace of C-Types.

Revival 2017.076

Mass heads into the setting sun.

Brooklands Trophy

Revival 2017.031 Revival 2017.035

Christopher Mann’s Alfa Romeo 8C 2600 Monza in Helle Nice tribute livery.

Revival 2017.034

Mark Gillies gently caressing the Aston Martin Brooklands into Lavant during qualifying.

Revival 2017.033

Rupert Clevely’s Alfa 8C in appropriately grubby condition – as if it has just arrived back in Brescia after 1000 miles around its homeland.

Revival 2017.032

Jonathan Turner’s elegant Triumph Dolomite.

Revival 2017.083

Mann’s 8C billowed oil until it was black-flagged while leading – a real shame for a truly charismatic vehicle.

Richmond Trophy

Revival 2017.036

Tony Best had a good run in his Ferrari 246 Dino.

Revival 2017.039

Helmut Gassmann recovered a lurid moment at St Mary’s to emerge with his mount unscathed.

Revival 2017.038

Geraint Owen brought Brickyard glamour to Goodwood – and was seriously quick. Looking like a sideways canal barge, he kept up with many of the fastest guys in much better-suited GP machinery.

Revival 2017.037

Tony Wood fought Julian Bronson for a richly deserved win using the mega Tec Mec.

St Mary’s Trophy Part 2

Revival 2017.085

Justin Law and Grant Williams renewed their old Mk1 Jaguar battles of days past.

Revival 2017.090 Revival 2017.089Revival 2017.087

Richard Meaden was a deserving winner after an almighty scrap with Mike Jordan – a man who was perfect in defense, apparently impervious to the heroic pressure wrought upon him by Meaden.

Revival 2017.086

Grant Williams as sideways as always.

Revival 2017.088

Shaun Rainford making a Nash Metropolitan perform in the most unlikely fashion.

RAC Tourist Trophy Celebration Race

Revival 2017.040

2013’s winners reunited: Simon Hadfield and Wolfgang Friedrichs aboard the legendary Aston Martin Project 212.

Revival 2017.041

Lindemann / Twyman Bizzarrini on a qualifying charge.

Revival 2017.060

Hancock / Hunt E-type drifting beautifully out of Lavant.

Revival 2017.061

It was wonderful to see two (of the three) Sunbeam Tiger Lister Le Mans Coupes in action. Matt Neal and Chris Beighton were on thundering form.

Revival 2017.062

The last photo I managed of Andy Newall qualifying Lord Bamford’s #4399GT 250 GTO before it met with the Woodcote tyre wall. Whether it is the real #4399GT remains a matter of conjecture…

Revival 2017.093

The Gans / Wolfe Cobra took the spoils after Chris Ward was penalised for contact with Andrew Smith’s Cobra (see results below).

Revival 2017.094

Andrew Smith still sliding way after the hit from Chris Ward at Fordwater which put HEM6 out of contention for the win once again.

Revival 2017.095

David and Oliver Hart fought valiantly for the win before mechanical troubles grounded the family Cobra.

Revival 2017.096

Battled-scarred J D Classics’ E-Type could only muster second, denied a hat-trick.

Revival 2017.097

Richard Attwood is as fast and enthusiastic as ever and still well capable of serious speed at the wheel of a lairy Cobra around Goodwood.

Glover Trophy

Revival 2017.042 Revival 2017.043 Revival 2017.044 Revival 2017.098 Revival 2017.099

Heavy rainfall played hell with the Glover Trophy race. Martin Stretton and Andy Middlehurst were as impressive as ever, walking on water to first and second respectively, while the rest powerboated in their wake. It was a virtuoso display by the two maestros in the most challenging conditions.

Sussex Trophy

Revival 2017.051

Chris MacAllister during a sunny qualifying session.

Revival 2017.100

The pack streams into Madgwick on lap one. It’s blowing a gale, with leaves and branches littering the field…the rain is still falling and the cars’ lights struggle to penetrate the gloom. Proper endurance sports car racing.

Revival 2017.101

Julian Majzub still sideways in the Sadler, half-way to Fordwater.

Revival 2017.102

Sam Hancock was peerless as he strode to yet another victory for Harry Leventis’s glorious Ferrari 246S Dino.

Revival 2017.103

David Hart kicking up the spray out of Madgwick in the Lister-Costin.


Revival 2017.080Revival 2017.091Revival 2017.063

Red Bull brought the Lockheed P-38 Lightning over from its Salzburg base. This Lightning is the sole example left flying in Europe and it performed elegant elliptical passes over Goodwood Aerodrome on Friday and Saturday.

Revival 2017.081

Nape-prickling aerobatics display by P-51 Mustang and Spitfire on Saturday evening as dusk settled over Westhampnett.

Revival 2017.079

Spitfire awaiting the call for its dusk sortie.

Revival 2017.092

Tony Brooks reliving his 1957 British Grand Prix win – shared in a Vanwall with Stirling Moss. This is the Collier Collection’s VW11.

Revival 2017.069

Fangio’s 1957 German Grand Prix winning Maserati 250F.

Revival 2017.077 Revival 2017.078

TVR celebrated the launch of its new Griffith with a host of old favourites including the most extreme cars from the last decade – Typhon and Sagaris.

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