Andrew Swift

E-mail – [email protected]

Twitter – @Motorcardiaries

Instagram – Motorcardiaries

Telephone – 07708 924766

5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Dear Andrew,
    I’d like to offer the most sincere apology. To put it mildly: I was not swift in spotting my horrendous error (now fixed). If you visited the links, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that I failed as a word-smith…

    Will check email in a moment but have a sneaking suspicion you’ve been too polite to point out my careless error.

    Deepest apologies.

  2. Hi. Just trying to get in touch with Karl F-H and have lost his phone number. We bought some cars and parts from storage some years ago now and have discovered a bit of a steering box for possibly a Jag that wasn’t part of our general Riley package! Reluctant to throw said part away in case it is a vital part of the jigsaw for Karl/ the owner of the Jag?
    If he could contact us that would be great.

  3. Very impressed with your website, Andrew! Congratulations! As for your bucket list….wow!!! Hope you manage to do everything on it!

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