Goodwood Festival of Speed

Photo Gallery.

Goodwood FoS 2013.011

Sebastien Buemi captures his other half in her ball gown outside the house. 250 GT SWB in the background.

Goodwood FoS 2013.012

Damon drove Lotus Type 56-1.

Goodwood FoS 2013.013

Hans Stuck reunited with Audi 200 weapon.

Goodwood FoS 2013.014

Paul Knapfield flew in his glorious one-off Ferrari 712.

Goodwood FoS 2013.015

The father of my little Polo.

Goodwood FoS 2013.016

Porsche 911 in its many guises was celebrated.

Goodwood FoS 2013.017

Dan Collins flew in Lotus Type 88 before stuffing it at Molcomb. He wouldn’t be the last.

Goodwood FoS 2013.018

Toyota Celica in full tricycle mode.

Goodwood FoS 2013.019

Mk1 Escort doing the only thing it knows how to do.

Goodwood FoS 2013.020 Goodwood FoS 2013.021

Mikko Hirvonen was absolutely flying in the DS3 WRC. The speed he was able to carry was awe-inspiring – an articulate demonstration of the sheer talent of the top rally drivers.

Goodwood FoS 2013.022

Glorious JWA Porsche 917.

Goodwood FoS 2013.023


Honda CBR1000RR superbike of Alex Lowes.

Goodwood FoS 2013.024

JYS demonstrated Mercedes-Benz W196.

Goodwood FoS 2013.025

The most exciting thing Max Chilton has ever done. Literally.

Goodwood FoS 2013.026

Knapfield got into the run-off in his sonorous 312PB.

Goodwood FoS 2013.027

Al Buncombe was on customarily scintillating form.

Goodwood FoS 2013.028

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Justin Law in his faithful Jaguar XJR-8/9 on his way to winning the run-off.

Goodwood FoS 2013.029

Gregory Guilvert asked more questions than he answered…could Loeb have taken the hill record in the crazy 208 T16?

Goodwood FoS 2013.030

Toyota Camry NASCAR Sprint Cup car. Subtle, ain’t it?

Goodwood FoS 2013.031

Ludicrous 8,000bhp Funny Car sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine. I’ve seen it all now.

Goodwood FoS 2013.001

Ford ST stand afforded the finest views of the place.

Goodwood FoS 2013.002

Sir Malcolm Campbell’s vast Bluebird V occupied pride of place on the cricket pitch. The display featured the first cars to reach 200, 300 and 400mph all together.

Goodwood FoS 2013.003

Jaguar CX-75 prototype left onlookers gasping in despair that it won’t see production.

Goodwood FoS 2013.004

Jaguar XFR-S comes in lairy and lairy specifications. Both lairy.

Goodwood FoS 2013.005

41.6 seconds. One of the most breath-taking moments in my 25 years at the trackside. Nick Heidfeld was reunited with the McLaren MP4-13 in which he stole the hill record back in 1999. Less significantly, the car also helped Mika Hakkinen to F1 title glory in 1998.

Goodwood FoS 2013.006

The most significant racing Cobra of all.

Goodwood FoS 2013.007

A child on a bicycle somewhere high in the sky.

Goodwood FoS 2013.008

A child on a motorcycle contemplating being high in the sky.

Goodwood FoS 2013.009

The grail.

Goodwood FoS 2013.010

Wonderful atmosphere across the Cartier Style et Luxe as the sun set on Saturday.

Goodwood FoS 2013-1.001

Tiff Needell in traditional sideways pose aboard land yacht BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

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