The Lotus 49s

All surviving Lotus 49 grand prix cars were gathered together at the 2017 Autosport International – the first time they had convened in history. Marking 50 years since the ground-breaking racer made its winning debut at Zandvoort, it was impossible to suppress the goosebumps. Here are all the cars and their abridged chassis histories.

Lotus 49s.001

Lotus 49s.002 Lotus 49s.003 Lotus 49s.004 Lotus 49s.005 Lotus 49s.006 Lotus 49s.007 Lotus 49s.008 Lotus 49s.009 Lotus 49s.010 Lotus 49s.011 Lotus 49s.012 Lotus 49s.013 Lotus 49s.014 Lotus 49s.015 Lotus 49s.016 Lotus 49s.017 Lotus 49s.018 Lotus 49s.019 Lotus 49s.020 Lotus 49s.021 Lotus 49s.022 Lotus 49s.023

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